About – Sabhalo


Puvan Briah, a recovering people pleaser and ex-corporate sales person started Sabhālō (sub-ahlo) after she realised that her goals of becoming ‘successful’ were actually harming her more than they were helping her.

In a bid to achieve the elusive status of ‘success’ she realised that overworking and putting herself last was causing her to become ill.

After working a corporate job during the day, juggling a wholesale business on the weekends and evenings and taking on any extra work to fill in the gaps, she realised that she had gone 3 months without a day off and unsurprisingly was depressed, disillusioned and burnt out.

As no stranger to burnout she decided to do some soul searching (read: Therapy) and began to research what leads people to become burnout in the first place and more importantly - how to prevent it.

Her missions is to help other empaths, people pleasers and perfectionists to stop burning out through her self care boxes and her podcast "The Burnout Brigade".

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