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Is generational trauma causing your burnout?


Lisa Hussain is a mindset coach and growth mentor and her specific focus is helping women live with purpose and overcome generational trauma and shame.

I met her at the live recording of Sangheeta Pillai’s Masala Podcast Panel and we instantly clicked.

I really loved listening to her thoughts on how generational trauma can unknowingly affect the way we live our lives and was so excited to have her on the podcast to recreate the conversations we had that day.

In this episode we talk about how we can become burnt out when carrying the expectations and emotional baggage of the previous generations, we question our own expectations of ourselves and where these standards came from and Lisa discusses the problems that mothers face when carrying trauma and how to release it to become your true self.

In this interview we share our own experiences as south asian women and how generational trauma is so linked to the immigrant experience - however generational trauma affects all people from all walks of life so I really hope it will be a valuable listen and give you some food for thought on your own situation.

She is incredibly eloquent and at times hilarious - I think you’re going to really love this inspiring interview with Lisa.

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