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How to use gardening to recover from stress and a toxic workplace with mindful gardening coach Kendall Platt

In this week's very exciting podcast episode, I talk with Kendall Platt, a mindful gardening coach that helps women stop doing the things they think they should be doing and start taking time for themselves one moment in the garden at a time.
In this interview she gives actionable tips on how to get started, she talks strategies on making gardening less overwhelming and she shares her incredibly valuable story on how she went from a high achieving burnt out forensic scientist/jewellery designer (yes, both at the same time) to being a mindful gardening coach with a mission to help high achieving stressed out women find headspace one seed at a time.
We talk about what it's like having a 'do it all' identity and how it feels to move away from that as well as chat about people pleasing and our experiences of being told that women shouldn't be 'too much'.
I hope you enjoy this incredibly valuable interview with Kendall and it helps you to feel some camaraderie if you're feeling stressed out, burnt out and like you're juggling all of the plates.
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