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How to deal with a harsh inner critic

So for this week's episode I've got something a little bit different. I'm going to be playing a short portion of my deep relaxation audio.

So one of the main causes of burnout and working yourself into a really stressful place is having unreasonably high standards for yourself.

If you're feeling like you're not doing enough, like you're comparing yourself to others, or like you have something to prove, this is a sign of a really critical inner dialogue that is essentially telling you that you're not good enough.

It's telling you that you're not successful enough, you're not hardworking enough and that only by working and achieving can you prove that inner voice wrong.

It's a nasty inner perfectionist.

The problem is, no matter how many highs you reach, as long as you have this critical inner voice, nothing will be good enough and you'll constantly be working towards a goal post that will forever be moving.

It doesn't matter if you smash all your targets because it will be short lived and they will be instantly replaced by more.

So how do we move past this inner voice? In the moment it can be really hard to recognise it because thoughts come so naturally to us without our control or conscious effort.

In fact, we think we are our thoughts, we think we are the thoughts that are in our brain - hence why you hear phrases like you are what you think, or I think therefore I am.

But there are no other organs in your body where we do this, we don't say this about the blood pumping around our body, we don't say we are our blood, or our liver, or our pancreas.

And that's all our thoughts essentially are, messages from another organ in our body - our brain.

So creating some mindfulness and distance with these thoughts are really the key to being able to catch them in the moment rather than accept them as our reality - this takes a lot of practice and a lot of 'doing the work.'

I can't give you a quick fix I'm afraid - it's something that you have to commit to doing every day.

But once you are able to create this mindful self awareness - you can recognise it and actively QUESTION it.

You can question why you're having these thoughts, where they come from and most importantly of all, you can stand up for yourself and answer back to your negative inner critic.

So I'm going to play the first half of the meditation - for the full audio, sign up to my newsletter to download the MP3. It's 15 minutes - I recommend giving it a listen just before bed to help you unwind and put a pause on any work related activity in your brain.

Enjoy and I'll speak to you next week!

Until next time,

Puvan x

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