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9 questions to help you figure out which candle scent is perfect for your personality - Fragrance Quiz

Have you ever wanted to indulge the beauty of a soothing scented candle but felt like you couldn’t just choose one? Oh I feel you - indecisiveness is my biggest nemesis!

As someone who personally suffers from analysis paralysis I made this handy 9 question quiz to help get you to the bottom of what scent suits you best and what it is you need from your lovely scented candle! So without further or ado, grab a pen - your favourite notebook or journal and tally up your results!

Which of these activities do you feel the most drawn to?


Which interiors do you like the look of?

Which texture do you like the most?


Which natural image is your favourite?


Which fragrance do you like the sound of the most?


Which feeling do you want to feel?


Which fragrance do you like the sound of?


What problem are you trying to solve?


Which word describes the scent that you normally enjoy?



And the results are in… if you had more A’s you would love Alora.

Cardamom, vanilla, tonka bean & beeswax - Alora is pure hygge bliss. Perfect for lovers of the classic autumnal spiced candle, this gourmand scent pairs well with wooly soft blankets, hot chocolates and cracking through your reading list.

If you had more B’s you would love Palais.

Plum, saffron, ambergris & pink pepper - Palais’s fruity overtones are perfect for feeling at peace at home and leaving all your stresses at the door to create a safe space to retreat to when the going gets tough.

Did you choose C? Dora might be your answer.

Lavender, Benzoin & Powder - Dora’s delicate floral scent is perfect for melting into a hot bath just before bed. Soothing, tranquil and as gentle as a whisper, Dora might be your answer to that calm feeling you’ve been longing for.

Did you pick D? Arama is your answer.

Rose, Rum & Opoponax - Arama’s name comes from the word comfort in punjabi, it’s boozy floral scent is a wonderful accompaniment for a night of luxurious self care.

Choose more E’s? Fleur Soûl is your perfect scent for setting the scene.

Heliotrope, suede, cognac & cocoa - Fleur Soûl is perfect for setting the scene for a dinner date, the heliotrope flower offers an almond undertone & smokey soft suede pairs beautifully with the cognac to make it unbeatable for a sexy evening in.

Did you get F? Tresor is the one for you.

Palo Santo, Sandalwood and Black agar, this woody scent is perfect for making time for reflection and setting intentions. The precious wood’s and resins in this scent are fantastic for lovers of forests, cosy wooden cabins and for feeling more introspective.

Did you get G? You will adore Nero!

Oakmoss, Tobacco, Neroli & Oud - Nero is wonderful for those that love the earthiness and rugged outdoors, this scent is perfect for an energising morning shower and for creating a morning routine to set you up right for the day

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