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5 home date night ideas for when you're running out of ideas in lockdown.

During lockdown we’ve truly put to the test how many time’s you can ‘watch something on tv together’.

Running into the same problem? With major public gatherings all closed having a date night that’s out of the ordinary within the same 4 walls can be a challenge.

After doing a quick google search on the subject, suggestions like ‘dance in the living room’ and ‘do a puzzle together’ weren’t really floating our boat so we decided to come up with our own list!

1. Fondue Night.

Thanks to an old hot plate we had from the early candle making days - after one particularly stressful evening I had the light bulb idea to plug it on top of a coffee table and use it for an evening of unbelievably stinky cheese dunking! Honey roasted carrots, rustic bread, garlic butter mushrooms - you name it, whatever’s in the fridge I’ll bet you can dunk it.

Layer up the blankets, light a million candles, look deeply into each other’s eye’s and get to dunking.

2. Have a themed evening.

Choose a country at random eat a meal, dessert and watch a movie set in that country. Go wild with things you’ve never tried before!

We’ll get you started - if you want to continue with the hot plate theme from above - because honestly I’m obsessed with table top cooking - cook a Japanese hot pot together, try some mochi (or order some kooky kitkat flavours online) and watch The Boy & the Beast by Mamoru Hosoda.

3. Make a blanket fort.

The simple act of changing things up visually can have such an impact on your date night and who doesn’t love the cosiness of feeling like a kid in a self built fort, am I right?

Ikea have published super cute instruction guides for different ways to create blanket forts. dim the lights, use fairy lights or candles to create a cosy atmosphere to binge that netflix series you’ve been meaning to get round to.

4. Have a picnic! 

There is literally not a lot better than the simplicity of rolling out a blanket laying out some continental cheese, saucisson sec salami and a huge buttered baguette to chow down in the sunshine.

Queue your summer playlist, bust out a frisbee and soak in the sun.

Alternatively if it’s a bit gloomy outside, we love the idea of lighting some candles and doing an indoor picnic - just don’t forget the wicker basket to really sell the dream!

5. Battle it out in a video game.

I’ll be the first to hold my hands up to say before the the UK lockdown I wasn’t really that interested in playing video games - but if there’s anything I’ve learnt it’s to not dismiss ideas just because it’s out of the norm for you.

I’ve seriously enjoyed the camaraderie of mashing a console against shared enemies, snacking from a menagerie of novelty dorito flavours (blockbuster style) and against all odds defeating the enemy together in the final boss battle.

Believe me if you feel like you can’t do it because you’ll be bad - don’t worry a large portion of my first foray into gaming involved me setting fire to everything and killing us both, so take it from me, you will get better.

If you’re without a gaming console you can download Steam on your laptop and PC, we recommend Overcooked or a classic like Left 4 Dead.


Want to take your at home dates to the next level? Well.. you can't buy love but you can buy scented candles which sure is hell is close.

We’ve just released our 2 new candles which are perfect for transforming your vanilla dinner time into a grand occasion.

Fleur Soûl is the name of our first new addition - a combination of heliatrope - sometimes nicknamed, the cherry pie flower - rich apricot cognac and a sumptuously soft suede. This scent is inspired by pure hedonistic decadence. It’s sexy, rich and the perfect pairing for a dinner date or to set the scene for an evening of indulgence.

Dora is the name of our other new addition - made with soothing lavender, creamy benzoin and delicate powder. Undertones of jasmine and orange blossom accentuate the lavender’s soft and gentle profile without taking centre stage. Inspired by a dream - we made this to emulate the peaceful moments of tranquillity before unconsciously drifting off to sleep. Perfect for a relaxing and calming evening.

Do you have any other date night ideas, let us know!

Until next time,

Puvan x

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